Posted on September 15, 2017

Responding to a New Order

Overall your goal should be to provide a great customer service experience and make the transaction frictionless.  A great customer experience is proven to be the biggest reason for a purchase and return client.  And happy customers will bring other customers!  Best of luck!


  • Email customer back within 24 hours of their order
  • In subject line: Eventlyst Order #1234
  • Email response should be similar to the following:
  1. “Hello (customer name),
  2. “This is (your name/brand name) with your Eventlyst order contacting you about your rental order of (list the items they ordered). “
  3. “I want to touch base with you and start coordinating pick up / drop off…”
  4. List your address for pick up or provide a delivery quote if the customer requested delivery
  5. “Please read over my contract which includes my cancellation and damage policies.”  Include your rental contract if you have one for the customer to sign.  Don’t have a contract, you create a similar contract at our sample contract. The contract should include your:
    • Cancellation policy
    • Damage policy (recommended)
    • Damage deposit information
  6. “Upon pick up please provide damage deposit. It will be returned upon drop off”
  7.  Thank the customer


  • Send one quick follow up text so they have your contact info and know you have received their order. Many customers prefer to arrange pick up and stay in contact through text.  Don’t text them excessively if you see that they are not replying that way.  Email is the professional and default way to stay in touch.


  • Some clients may prefer being reached by phone.  Don’t hesitate to call if you haven’t received a reply to your email’s or texts.  A courtesy phone call is especially useful if the pickup is in the next 24-48 hours and arrangements have not yet been finalized.


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