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Why Bounce House Rentals are Worth Consideration

Bounce houses are an innovative and exhilarating way to provide entertainment and all kinds of pleasure for all sorts of events. It is a great hit for children of all ages, and so, if you’re going to host an event with many kids, a bounce house rental is worth considering. However, to make the experience a success, there are several factors to consider, the type being the most important. This read will cover some of the most important aspects of bounce houses, including the types, ideal events, and reasons to get one in the first place.

The Different Types of Bounce Houses

1. Castle Houses

These deserve the first spot as they won’t disappoint any kid who attends your party, particularly because they are great at attracting attention. The best thing about castle houses is that they resemble real castles, thanks to innovation in materials and techniques used in the design process.

We all know that kids like to have their own space, where they can have fun without time limits. With a medieval design, the boys will feel like kings fighting for their castle, while the girls get to enjoy a fairy tale of their own.

2. Inflatable Slide

This is without a doubt one of the most appealing bounce houses. These come in two varying types: dry and water slides. The latter provides the most fun for kids. Even adults enjoy the exhilaration that comes from big water slides, and this is intensified in kids. They also come in varying shapes and sizes. Inflatable slides are excellent for summer, and allow the whole family to have some fun.

3. Inflable Obstacle Course

Another popular choice in bounce houses is the inflatable obstacle course. These are fun, colorful, interesting, and exhilarating for everyone involved, and are actually a hidden form of exercise that gives the impression of pleasure. That’s because the barrier routes allow the participants to test their fitness and agility in a fun racing game.

The units are usually inflated and assembled in separate sections due to their heaviness and size. You have the option to focus on one subject, or as many challenges as possible like tunnels, slides, rock walls, and climbing lines. Regardless of whether your event features a characteristic of the West, medieval, sports, etc., you will come across an inflatable course that matches your needs.

Reasons to Get a Bounce House Rental

When it comes to getting a bounce house for your occasion, you have the option of buying or renting one. However, there are many benefits to the latter, that we have created a whole section in this read. After all, unless you are running a theme park, there’s no need of buying one. Here are reasons to rent a bounce house:

1. Ease of Installation

When you rent a bounce house, you do not have to worry about the installation. A competent company can deliver the product to your location, inflate it and deflate it at the end of the day. As such, all you have to do is enjoy the event with your guests and loved ones without worrying about the specifics of the bounce house, including safety. Bounce house rentals are quite affordable and will certainly keep all the kids occupied during the event.

2. Pick from a Wide Array of Options

Most bounce house rental firms have a wide array of types of these products, including the ones mentioned above. Looking to lease an inflatable maze? Do you want a two-story bouncy castle with climbing features? A competent and established company should have almost any option you want. Given you will be renting the feature, you do not have to worry about being stuck with the same design for years. Every time you have an occasion, your children get to experience something new and will not get bored from playing in the same bounce house.

3. Themed Fun

Another great benefit of renting a bounce house is that you gain access to a huge variety of styles and themes. So, whether you want a pirate-themed party or a princess-themed one, you will be able to find the perfect bounce house. As mentioned above, you do not have to worry about being stuck with the same style or theme year after year. A bounce house rental is a practical move if you have boys and girls in your family.

4. They are Safe and Secure

Bounce houses are certainly safe and secure for kids. Since they are inflatables and made of rubber, they have a soft landing pad that absorbs shock, even when your kids lose their balance when jumping up and down. Child safety is a vital part of bounce house design, and each product is carefully inspected before it’s dispatched for use.

5. Options for All Age Groups

Nowadays, you are not limited to just picking a conventional bounce house that only young ones will enjoy. Most bounce house rental companies provide a wide array of products suitable for all ages. This means you can find bounce houses for adults as well.

You get to pick from a selection of obstacle courses that are ideal for older children or teens. These structures will go a long way in encouraging friendly competition among your children.

6. Not Just For Birthday Parties

Inflatables like bouncy houses will certainly make any child’s birthday party memorable. However, they are not meant for birthday parties alone. They are ideal choices to liven a wide array of events including:

-Neighborhood block parties
-Holiday celebrations or carnivals
-Company picnics
-Family reunions
-Church festivals

7. Ease of Portability

Given bounce houses come in varying shapes and sizes, they can be set up in your backyard or house. Depending on the number of guests and space required, these structures have the advantage of the ease of portability for any occasion.


It’s evident that bounce house rentals have a lot of benefits. They are a lot of fun, and their versatility makes them ideal for many events. If you’re hosting an event with a substantial number of children, consider renting one today!