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How to start your event rental business!

how to start a wedding rental business

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How do I start a Party Rental Business?

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Looking for more? Often, starting a party rental business is easier said than done. The planning and the details involved can be quite complex, and many wannabe business owners never manage to take the party rental business plunge successfully. Fortunately, while it’s easy to lose yourself in the details, taking care of the planning makes the process relatively simple and easy to execute. Then once you have grasped the fundamentals, you can divert your attention providing excellent customer services and make money. Have you always dreamed of renting out party equipment?  Maybe doing chair rentals, tent rentals or other party equipment? Are you on the fence? If so here’s a guide that can help you to pull that trigger finally:

1. Commit to Beginning with a Plan. 

You already have a great party rental business idea, but an idea is just that – an idea. Without full commitment or the conviction that you can actualize your ideas and overcome challenges and come out on top, chances are you won’t be able to launch your business. Starting an event rental business is a big commitment. Many people often fail or are intimidated by the significant amount of energy, resources and time required to start and ultimately grow a business. When starting a business, it is imperative that you commit your time, finances and everything else in order to help you realize your dream and help your plan come to fruition. You need to give your all and go above and beyond and keep going even when things seem harsh. Only through sheer commitment can you take a step forward and successfully start your party rental business.

2. Research Your Industry.

Without understanding the market, you can’t fully understand the customer’s needs and preferences. Tent rental business are different from chair rentals business and plate rentals business.  You can do all three if you like! Thorough research will be the foundation for your idea. An investigation will help you come up with a plan that provides a real-world solution to wedding and event rentals problems. For instance, if you find that many people want weddings that are outdoors, you can come up with the idea of starting a garden or outdoor party rental business.

3. Pick A Great Name. 

Choosing the right name when launching your party rental business can have a significant impact on your event rental business. Remember that you are dealing with weddings and wedding are all about love and fun. Therefore, you need a name that speaks to those positive feelings; a name that makes people remember the best day of their life. The right name could give you a competitive edge! Here are tips to help you name a party rental business:

4. Develop a Business Plan.

At this point, you may be looking to put together a party rental business plan.  While not necessary if you’re starting small you’ll find it useful to have clear direction as you scale up.  A business plan gives you an objective, a marketing plan, an idea of how you’ll manage your finances and even projections on when you plan on hiring more employees.   We recommend checking out Profitable Venture to see their recommendations for putting together a solid plan.

5. Insurance, Liability & Licenses. 

This is where many wannabe entrepreneurs often throw in the towel.  If you’re starting small then you probably won’t need much other than your equipment and, eventually, perhaps an insurance policy.However, as you grow larger and become more profitable the legalities of a growing business can be a pain. You need to get an Employee Identification Number, a business license and register your trade name. Note that legalities will vary from one locality to another as well as from one state to the next. Consider doing your due diligence on legalities in your locality and state to help you make the process less daunting. Ask your locality on the legalities required to start a party rental business.

6. Purchasing Equipment. 

It is better to under-buy your equipment than to over-buy. It is good to be ambitious, and there is nothing wrong with it, but your budget is the most important thing here. You should stick to it. Get the basics which include the folding tables and chairs and, if you can afford it, a party tent. With this, you are ready to go!  These are the most rented items. When starting an event rental business, you need to provide top-tier products and services in order to make a statement and give your startup a head start. The wedding industry is ever-evolving with different styles, and it is imperative that you provide products and services that are up to date or are timeless.

7. Marketing to the Public. 

To start a successful party rental business, you need to attract clients and make sure to leave a great impression. Therefore, you need to work on your marketing to continually attract and retain your clients. A great marketing strategy will even convert your clients to salespeople. Here are tips to help you market your event rental business:

8. Going Above and Beyond. 

Sounds easy right? It can be. Starting a party rental business shouldn’t cause you sleepless nights. However, your approach and attitude can be critical towards successfully launching your business. Are you stalling because you find it intimidating? Or are you just afraid of the unknown? Either way, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. With the right tips and strategy, the road to starting your event rental business can be smooth and exciting. By combining a clear-minded approach with great products and services, you can start your business. Bottom line, never lose sight of why you want to start your business.

A Vendor can be anybody interested in providing event items for rent.

  • Maybe you’ve just had your wedding, shower, party, etc and purchased items that you no longer will use.
  • Or perhaps you have tasteful decor and other items in your home that you wouldn’t mind having somebody else rent.
  • Or even if you already have an established home-based business.

You have curated a collection of exciting items and we would love to share your collection with the world!

We will introduce you to new customers to you that you would have never reached before!  With thousands of visitors a day, you’re going to reach a wide audience of potential renters!

For those already managing your own standalone rental business….

  • There’s a website to buy, design, build and debug (hours of time or paying a developer).
  • Pay a for SEO or Ads if you if I wanted to get it to show up on Google, Facebook or Instagram.
  • All the calls!  You have to make time for phone-calls asking about availability and item details.
  • Finally, there’s the paperwork….arranging payment (and hope the check doesn’t bounce) and generating invoices.  Not fun!

Our goal is to do all of that for you!

We spend the time and money for advertising, developing, hosting and supporting the site.  We also have implemented technology that tracks your inventory and shows the availability to the customer for the days they select.  Once they pay online you get your payment immediately and your client gets a professional invoice.

  1. No more calling around to find that one perfect item.
  2. The check out process is fast and they get a confirmation immediately instead of worrying about a missing invoice and running to the bank for cash.
  3. And should they need something last minute they’ll be able to see what is available today to rent immediately.
  4. Finally, they have a way to leave you a great review for your service to let other clients know that you’re a reputable Vendor!

We pay retain an agency to optimize our site for high SEO ranking and Google Ads.  We also pay for other marketing sources, have a strong social media presence and implement a few other “secret sauce” marketing tricks.  We’re working on partnerships, sponsorships, and a few other crazy ideas.  Have an idea?  Let us know!

We link your vendor account to your PayPal account so you receive payment immediately.

Absolutely!  Sign up the same way and include a note that you’re interested in submitting content only.  We would love to showcase your curated photo shoots, inspiration, and relevant posts.  We value good content and will share it through all of our channels crediting you to help grow your audience.

We reserve the right to remove any content that is inappropriate, low quality or disruptive.

The fee is meant to just cover the cost of our overhead and variable costs.  PayPal (about 3-4%) and advertising (5%+) make up the majority of the cost.  The rest covers development, hosting and support.  Overall we’ve found that the minimum viable fee is between 10-20% of the total of the transaction.

So….you get new clients that you would have never had before at that kind of cost…is that not worth it?!

We serve our Vendors only as a marketing and booking company.  As such we do not handle the inventory or terms of each vendor’s rental agreements.  We do not offer insurance, arbitration services or any other legal services or guarantees.  Any and all liability must be shared and discussed between the Vendor and client directly.

Not yet through the site but you can add this in the item description and have the customer provide this for you in person.

We do not provide delivery services or any related arrangements.  Any pick-up or delivery arrangements are made directly between the client and Vendor.