Cancellation Policy Varies by Vendor

Each vendor’s policy will be different so make sure you follow the below process with each of them individually.

Finding The Cancellation Terms

Find the cancellation policy for your rentals in any of these locations. Vendors may choose to share it on multiple pages or may require you to reach out to them directly.

Vendor Missing Cancellation Terms

Always assume that if there is no cancellation policy provided then the sale is considered final and non-refundable unless otherwise agreed upon in writing with the vendor.

Reach out to the vendor directly to see if they have a policy that isn’t shared online. They will be happy to work with you on your specific situation.

Can I Get Out of My Rental Contract?

By clicking the “I accept” checkmark when ordering your rentals, you as the customer take full responsibility to read and understand the vendor’s cancellation policy and agree to the vendor’s cancellation policies, and commit to abiding by the Rental Agreement

Any changes to the contract, such as changing cancellation terms, should be discussed directly with the vendor so that a mutual agreement can be reached.

Last-Minute Cancellations

Most vendors, as an industry standard, will not allow cancellations within 24-72 hours of the rental period no matter the reason for the cancellation (canceled event, transportation issues, change of mind). 

Vendors accrue costs in preparing items for each customer that include cleaning, assembling, packing, handling, and opportunity costs. 

If you think you may need to cancel an order do so well in advance. 

Eventlyst Policy

Eventlyst does not control the cancellation policy.  We will abide by the vendor’s policy and can only assist with processing the refunds once the customer and vendor have agreed to the cancellation.

Non-Refundable Fees

Any transaction and booking fees charged by Eventlyst are considered non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy Questions

It is the responsibility of the client to check with the vendor directly if there are any questions about the policy.

Requesting A Cancellation and Refund

  1. Contact all appropriate vendors with your cancellation request.
    1. Reach out to them via the contact information in their profile or through the Contact Vendor form.
    2. Explain the details of your cancellation and request that they process the refund. The vendor may give you a refund either directly or through Eventlyst once they’ve refunded the order funds to the Eventlyst account.
  2. Receive confirmation that your rental has been canceled and whether the vendor will refund you directly or via Eventlyst.
  3. If the vendor is going to issue the refund through Eventlyst, you can contact Eventlyst through either the Contact Us form or directly to to follow up on your refund.