Posted on February 1, 2017

Vendors, Don’t Get Blindsided!

There is a lie that almost every person knows. During an online purchase or when signing up for website, we all get asked the infamous question, “Do you agree with the terms and conditions?” After scrolling briefly through the document, we find the button that says ‘Yes, I agree with the terms and conditions.’ Most of the time we don’t even hesitate to click the ‘agree’ button to continue the transaction.


The company you are doing the transaction with has their back covered if any type of issue should arise. Why should you suffer if an issue should arise during your rental transaction? We have provided a simple word document you can provide to your rental clients.


After you receive your rental order, we urge all vendors to reach out to their client and have them sign your company’s terms and conditions document and collect a security deposit. Eventlyst offers a feature that allows you to clearly state your security deposit policy on your rental item post.


>> Sample Terms and Conditions Document <<

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