Posted on February 7, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Vendors

Hello, Vendors of Eventlyst!

You have questions.  We have answers!  We’ll update these as the site changes and grows!  If you have additional questions after reading through these answers just email us directly at

Why does Eventlyst exist?
We exist for two objectives:

  • Provide clients a single location for finding a wide variety of unique, exciting event rental items.
  • Help our Vendors and their families achieve their dream of having a successful home business.

What is a Vendor?
A Vendor can be anybody interested in providing event items for rent.

Maybe you’ve just had your wedding, shower, party, etc and purchased items that you no longer will use.  Or perhaps you have tasteful decor and other items in your home that you wouldn’t mind having somebody else rent.  Or even if you already have an established home-based business.  You have curated a collection of exciting items and we would love to share your collection with the world!

What’s the BIGGEST thing you can do for me?
We will introduce you to new clients to you that you would have never reached before!

What are the benefits for me if I have items to rent?
Storytime.  I used to manage my own standalone rental business.  There’s a website to buy and make (hours!).  Then I still had to pay a lot extra if I wanted to get it to show up on Google, Facebook or Instagram.  I also had to make time for phone-calls asking about availability, arrange payment (and hope the check doesn’t bounce) and generate invoices.  Oughf…

Our goal is to do all of that for you.  We spend the time and money for advertising, developing, hosting and supporting the site.  We also have implemented technology that tracks your inventory and shows the availability to the customer for the days they select.  Once they pay online you get your payment immediately and your client gets a professional invoice.

All you have to do is sit back, wait for the order and then contact the client to arrange pickup.  

What is the benefit to my clients?
No more calling around to find that one perfect item.
The check out process is fast and they get a confirmation immediately instead of worrying about a missing invoice and running to the bank for cash.
And should they need something last minute they’ll be able to see what is available today to rent immediately.
Finally, they have a way to leave you a great review for your service to let other clients know that you’re a reputable Vendor!

How do you advertise my rentals?
We pay developers to optimize our site for high SEO ranking.  We also pay for Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and a few other “secret sauce” marketing tricks.  We’re working on partnerships, sponsorships, and a few other crazy ideas.  Have an idea?  Let us know!

How do I get paid?
We link your vendor account to your PayPal account so you receive payment immediately.

How do I sign up and set up my account?
Here’s the sign-up page.  The setup process usually includes a meeting to provide hands-on help in getting the account setup and your inventory uploaded.  If you’re stuck at any time just email us at

I just want to share content (pictures, portfolio, inspiration, posts) but don’t have items to rent.  Can I still sign up?
Absolutely!  Sign up the same way and include a note that you’re interested in submitting content only.  We would love to showcase your curated photo shoots, inspiration, and relevant posts.  We value good content and will share it through all of our channels crediting you to help grow your audience.

We reserve the right to remove any content that is inappropriate, low quality or disruptive.

What are the fees and what do they cover?
The fee is meant to just cover the cost of our overhead and variable costs.  PayPal (about 3-4%) and advertising (5%+) make up the majority of the cost.  The rest covers development, hosting and support.  Overall we’ve found that the minimum viable fee is between 10-20% of the total of the transaction.

So….you get new clients that you would have never had before at that kind of cost…is that not worth it?!

Do you offer insurance for my rentals?  Do you have an arbitration policy?
We serve our Vendors only as a marketing and booking company.  As such we do not handle the inventory or terms of each vendor’s rental agreements.  We do not offer insurance, arbitration services or any other legal services or guarantees.  Any and all liability must be shared and discussed between the Vendor and client directly.

Can I require a security deposit?
You can post the security deposit requirement on the website, but it is collected directly from the client not through Eventlyst.

Do you deliver the items?
We do not provide delivery services or any related arrangements.  Any pick-up or delivery arrangements are made directly between the client and Vendor.

I’m not from Sacramento! Are you planning to offer this service anywhere else?
We’re flattered you asked :).  Our goal is to offer this service in all the major cities on the west coast including Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego.  Please sign up today and once we’re ready to launch we’ll get you all set up!  You will also benefit from the initial advertising push we do in that area when we launch there.

Can I work or intern for you?
Send your resume to and we would love to consider you for a position!  We’re considering interns, content creators, and developers.

2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Vendors

  1. What is your cancellation policy due to Covid-19? My wedding has been cancelled at this time due to the shelter in place.

    1. Hello Corinne,

      So sorry to hear that, wishing you and your loved ones the health during this stressful time.

      We don’t have a universal cancellation policy, each vendor has their own policies that they go by. I would reach out to each vendors to see how they are handling cancellations at this time. Most are doing full refunds however some are offering to switch the rental date or 50% refund.

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