Posted on December 5, 2022


Day 5 – Gift with a Scent

When gifting gifts, we often choose to add a plastic pre-tied bow on the top and call it a day. This Christmas, I challenge you to take some time and use ingredients and items in your home for a scented and simple addition to your wrapped gifts. You can use simple ingredients like cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, and thyme and wrap them using a piece of twine. Not a fan of scents, then use dried branches, pine or other dried greenery.


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Day 6 – Gift of Time

Take some time from your busy schedule and gift someone the gift of time. Just 20 minutes can bring someone joy that can lasts weeks. Meet an old friend for coffee or offer to babysit your sisters’ kids so she gets a chance to complete her Christmas shopping done. Some even go to nursing homes and talk to lonely elders and listen to their life stories. Sometimes a helping hand or a listening ear is a greater gift then clothes or jewelry.

Day 7 – Sustainably

We often hear the word “eco-friendly” which basically means not harmful to the environment. Think beyond the presents this Christmas and opt for recycled wrapping paper or paper wrapping paper. Consider reusing a gift bag you were gifted a gift in. Bring outdoor elements indoors for decorations instead of purchasing more decorations. A decision today could affect our future!



Day 8 – Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot Cocoa. One of the kid’s favorite drinks during the holidays. Create a fun display of toppings and sauces for kids (and adults) to create custom hot chocolate drinks. Keeping the hot chocolate warm in a beverage dispenser will give you extra time to create the hot chocolate bar before the guests arrive. Don’t forget about the guests that might have a lactose intolerance and offer soy or nut milk with powdered hot chocolate on the side!

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