Posted on October 21, 2021

Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

I have searched high and low and haven’t found anything more magical than a unicorn. What can top a unicorn? A unicorn party!

Unicorn Party Ideas are trending, and we’ve got all the details. From the birthday outfit to the favors, we’ve scoured Amazon and found the best items for your unicorn party!


Dress to Impress:

Wearing a unicorn themed birthday outfit will only make the birthday feel more magical. Whether it’s a shirt, dress or headpiece, all attention will be on the birthday girl.



You’re probably considering purchasing paper plates for your little guests so why not get some to match the theme. Pastel plates or plates with unicorns on them are so cute. Don’t forget napkins, cups, and plasticware!



Creating a simple or elaborate centerpiece is up to you but have you seen these cool items: unicorn lanterns, pastel confetti, marquee unicorn figure, or pastel table runner. Sometimes even a cool tablecloth can be better than a centerpiece.


Sprinkle Dust aka Food:

The guests usually expect some type of food at the party so why not make it fun. Serve some unicorn barf (cotton candy) or unicorn poop (marshmallows) to your daring guests.  Add some signs with custom names for simple snacks. Can’t think of anything? There are literally books published with awesome unicorn food options.


Add some fun:

We all know finding a unicorn before the party might be difficult therefore opt for a large stuffed unicorn pet. This party animal is so kid friendly, you don’t even need to supervise it!



After a long fun-filled day, thank your guests with goody bags or a lasting gift like a necklace or water bottle. Bonus points for personalization with colorful markers.



Controlling a group of unruly kids is difficult therefore any type of entertainment is always a plus. Consider getting a unicorn pinata and play pin the horn on the unicorn or ring toss. For those that love slime, there are so many cool magical slime options available. Make sure to buy enough for all guests because even adults will be playing with it.



Creating a focal backdrop for your magical event has become easier than ever. You can hang a banner, streamers, or a cool backdrop from a stand, curtain rod or hard surface (don’t forget to buy some command strips).

There’s no party if there are no balloons:

Balloons are essential to any party. Whether is a simple large unicorn balloon or a beautiful balloon garland, you can’t go wrong. Never made a balloon garland before, read through our simple balloon garland instructions.

Cake or cupcakes?

We love both so don’t ask for us to decide because we simple aren’t ready for this big decision. With a cake, we are in love with the trending unicorn horn and ears. With cupcakes, we love pastel icing, unicorn sprinkles, cute cupcake wrappers and cupcake stands.


Extra items you might consider adding:

Birthday Invitation

Yard signs

Unicorn Tattoos

Unicorn Favors – Party Pack

Unicorn Camera

Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Inflatable

Unicorn Pajamas

Pastel Lights

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