Posted on September 19, 2021

How to make a Balloon Arch & Balloon Arch Kits

how to make a balloon arch tutorial

Guess what got a major glow-up?! BALLOON ARCHES AND GARLANDS!

20 years ago balloon arches were the highlight for most occasions like weddings, birthdays, and baby showers. They usually were the typical 12-inch, 2 toned balloons shaped in an arch or standing straight on a pole. Fast forward to present times and balloon arches have come a longgggg way. From styling to different shapes, to combining over 5 different colors without it looking atrocious.


Why are balloon arches easy to make? You don’t need helium and the supplies aren’t that expensive. Before you go online and start buying a million and one balloons, head over to Pinterest or Amazon to look for balloon garlands matching your party’s theme. For an adult birthday party, consider doing a cardboard balloon number. For a kid’s party, create a cool shape or go with the best color scheme matching the party’s theme.


Next, look at pre-assembled balloon garland kits that match your theme. These packages usually come fully equipped with 3 different balloon sizes, 4-5 colors, plastic balloon arch strip, balloon easy-tie, and sticky dots. If you can’t find the perfect pre-assembled kit, consider buying the balloon separately. For a 6ft garland,  usually 2 large balloons (20-inch), 10 to 15 medium balloons (12-inch) and 25 small balloons (6-inch). Buy a few extra just in case you overfill a balloon or it pops during delivery. Don’t forget to buy tape, command strips, fishing line, or tacks to help hang the balloon garland once it’s time.


Fill up all balloons preferably with an electric air pump. When filling up the balloon, DO NOT OVERFILL IT! If the balloon looks like a pear, it’s overfilled. Overfilled are prone to popping. A best practice is to pump the balloons the day before and assemble but sometimes you can even get away with 2 days in advance.


Once all of the balloons are filled, roll out the plastic balloon arch strip and cut it to an 8ft strip. Place the largest balloon NEAR the ends (extra space on the ends will help with hanging the garland) and fill the empty space in between with the 12in balloons OR place the largest balloons side by side in the middle and place the 12in balloons starting from the middle and stop near the ends. When filling in with the 12-inch balloons, place the balloons on alternate sides on the plastic strip. Honestly, the design possibilities are endless, these are just 2 simple ways to start. You can also find different ways to start assembling and various designs on YouTube.
Examine the garland and identify any empty areas. Usually, they’re close to the larger balloons. Place your 6-inch balloon in those areas. After identifying where the small balloons touch, repeat the same process but with sticky dots. Try to make clusters of 3 or more small balloons in one empty area.


Your balloons look gorgeous and you’re a little tired. That’s normal. You can hang up the balloons right away  (if indoors) or morning of the event. You can use fishing line, command strips, tacks, and/or tape to secure your garland. The extra feet on the plastic balloon strip can help with the hanging process or you can cut it off.
Here are a few different ways I recommend you shape your balloons on a backdrop:
Balloon Arch Design 1
With a simple design like a balloon garland on the top of a backdrop, add a horizontal element like greenery or stars.
Balloon Arch Design 2
The ombre balloon effect is classy and chic. Shaping the balloons in an open arch is a unique way to add interest. This balloon design could stand on its own even with a backdrop.
Balloon Arch Design 3
Sometimes a balloon arch looks great but needs another shape besides a sphere. Adding additional shapes such as stars or butterflies adds additional interest to the arch.
Balloon Arch Design 4
A throne fit for queen or king deserves its own balloon arch or garland. Photo backdrops are a great place for guests to take pictures and post on social media.
Balloon Arch Design 5
Mix and match shapes and sizes that best match your party theme. Some popular party themes are unicorn, Lego, Ryan’s World and Barbie.
Balloon Arch Design 6
For a gender reveal or a his/hers birthday, its hard to combine 2 different colors that might not look good together side by side. By putting the balloon arches on opposite corners or sides of the backdrop, you can still combine the 2 different colors without it looking like a mess.


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