Posted on February 15, 2018

Vendor Guide | Secrets for success in renting out your inventory!

Let me share with you 5 secrets for success that are used by our most successful vendors!  These are shop owners that consistently win double, or triple the number of customer orders of everybody else.  Take a glance at what they’re doing right!

#5 Monetize Instagram

Our most successful vendors have a link to their inventory in their Instagram and Facebook bio.
This creates traffic straight to their specific inventory and allows people to book right away. Your clients will appreciate the convenience and you’ll turn all those likes into rentals!

#4 Upload Your Whole Inventory

More inventory attracts more traffic from site visitors and even Google search.
If you don’t have the time – let us give you a quote on uploading everything for you! Email us the details

#3 Increase Your Product Popularity

When clients look at the inventory it shows the most popular products first – no matter what category they are in.
Use this to your advantage! Instead of cash agreements, tell your clients to book through the site (or book for them). This will help bump your item to the front page… which gets it in front of more clients!

#2 Ask For Reviews

Client reviews on your items all help improve your Vendor Rating.
It also helps clients get a better sense of your level of service, inventory quality and builds interest in what you have to offer!

#1 Inspire!

Why not share some pictures from a recent wedding or photo shoot?
Provide a link back to all the items that were used so visitors can immediately get them as well. You can create a new post from your vendor login dashboard.








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  1. A good friend of mine was talking about finding a similar service that would involve rental inventory. She needs to make sure that the company she chooses is the best for her. I will make sure that she looks for reviews that will speak highly of the company.

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