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Vintage style event decor uses items from the past to create a warm, nostalgic look. This retro look consists of many things such as brass candle holders, tufted furniture, old electronics and much much more items that basically over 20 years old. Vintage style is now combined with more modern choices for a take that is fresh, yet full of the charm and history from the past.

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Looking For Vintage Rentals For Your Wedding?

Vintage weddings are becoming popular once again. While they have never been out of fashion, most couples never really cared about planning a vintage wedding because of the difficulty in sourcing vintage items for their big day. Many of you may have looked at some of the vintage style weddings and wondered where the couple found all the great items for the wedding decor. A lot of these vintage items are rented from a reputable vintage wedding rental company. That’s where reliable vintage rentals come in handy. With vintage rentals, people are more than ever willing to have a nostalgic touch to their special day. Here are some of the common vintage items you can rent from a reputable wedding rental company.

The beauty of a wedding that has a vintage theme is that it will touch upon the nostalgia factor with the use of the right items. In fact, a vintage wedding will always be a cherishable memory for the rest of your life. The perfect vintage wedding depends on what you wear, the venue, and the theme of the event. These things will contribute to the overall look and vibe of the wedding. That’s why you need to carefully consider all the options necessary to create the ideal vintage environment for all the guests. Here are some vintage items to rent for your special day.

Perennial Flowers

Vintage flowers like roses, peonies, and hydrangeas are time-honored and exude romance. It’s important to ensure the floral options you consider complement the vintage theme of your wedding ceremony. If your floral choices clash with the overall vintage theme, it will become an eyesore than anything else. That’s why you need to be cautious when choosing flowers for your wedding. It’s advisable to work with a professional wedding planner to make your event a resounding success.

Vintage Books

Vintage books have become popular as wedding centerpieces in this day and age. Hence, it’s only natural that these items have been finding their way into the rental inventory of the modern day vintage wedding ceremonies. Vintage books will add color to your wedding tables and give some height and depth to the table arrangements. Make sure you source these items from reputable vintage rentals in the area.

Old-Time Table Decor

Lace lanterns and antique vases can make your wedding more aesthetically appealing and memorable. Using a combination of these items will add a vintage touch to your event. On the other hand, Candelabras are ideal to deliver beauty and class and enhance the vintage theme of the event. It will add a touch of grace to the event that cannot be achieved with any other tweak.

Mason Jars

Mason jars have already taken over the rustic and vintage wedding world by storm. Very rarely you will see a wedding trend take off as fast as the mason jar trend. You don’t have to buy hundreds of mason jars for the event when you can easily rent them from a reputable vintage wedding rental service in the area. Most rental services will provide mason jars in both blue and clear colors. You can definitely use these jars at the event for more inspiration.


You can enhance the vintage and rustic vibe of your big day by renting a luxury tent from a reputable vintage rental service. Just imagine how your guests would feel if they had a tent to hang out at the reception! Tents can be used to enhance the overall decor of your wedding. Make sure to rent the luxury tent from a reputable wedding rental company in the area.

Vintage Crates And Suitcases

In case you need a creative place for your guests to drop off a wedding card, vintage crates and suitcases are ideal for this purpose. A good wedding rental company should have beautiful pieces you might want to consider. There are many ways to use these items to enhance the overall appeal of your special day.

Vintage suitcases come in all sizes and styles. They make excellent containers for a fresh take on the guest book. They can be used as a unique display to place wedding cards or collect postcards from guests with wishes for the bride and groom. These items can even host a unique place for the bridal bouquets to be displayed after the wedding ceremony. Suitcases should be spray painted or stenciled to match the theme of your vintage wedding.

Birch Arbors

In case you plan to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, it’s important to add a backdrop or focal point to the wedding location. A birch wedding arbor is a perfect item for this purpose. Dressing up the arbor with flowers can really help to enhance the overall decor of the event. There are many wedding rental services that design beautiful birch arbors for your wedding. Make sure you choose a reputable vintage rental service in town to rent out the vintage items for your wedding ceremony.

Specialty Furniture

Mismatched chairs can help enhance the overall decor of your vintage wedding. You don’t have to spend your time and money buying dozens of chairs for the wedding ceremony when you can easily rent out mismatched chairs from a reputable vintage rental service in the area. Some of the vintage rentals will provide a large selection of chairs so that you can mix and match until your heart’s content.

String Lights

String lights can help set the mood when you are planning a backyard vintage wedding. There are many rental services that will rent string lights for your wedding ceremony. It makes the organization of a backyard wedding much easier.

With a host of vintage wedding rental services in town, choosing the best service provider isn’t easy. You should be doing the homework before choosing the best rental company for the event. The internet will give you access to a number of rental services operating in the area. Make sure to pick the right service provider to rent out vintage items for your wedding ceremony.