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By renting here you support families, recently married couples, designers and small local businesses. Anybody with useful items can post them here.
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Eventlyst is an event rental marketplace.  We bring together local vendors and local renters to help celebrate special life moments. We use innovative technology to help make the process frictionless.

As a renter you should expect to receive full transparency in the price and availability of the item.

As a vendor you are able to receive a steady flow of rentals to generate an additional income stream.

  1. You Save Money. The vendors that share their items on this site don’t have to pay overhead like accountants, storage fees, and advertising.  You get their best rate.  It’s like getting your rentals on sale every single time!
  2. More Unique Options. Dozens of unique vendors and thousands of unique items that you won’t’ find anywhere else.  Many of these rentals are custom made by the individual and you won’t find this anywhere else!
  3. Support Local Home Businesses. These are passionate and creative people in your community that have party supply rentals to share.  You can become a vendor as well!
  4. Complete Transparency.  Every other place, big or small, will ask you to call your order in or submit an online form.  Not here!  Each item has their availability marked on their calendar so you know if it’s available for your event dates and lock in the price.  You can get your event rentals immediately online with no hassle.

We are not a rental store.   This is an online-only marketplace – a listing site that allows local vendors to share their event rentals with you.  We do not provide the items on the site.   All event rentals and any rental agreements are made with the actual vendor to whom the item belongs to.

Some vendors do have store locations that you can visit or event visit them at home.  Reach out to them directly if you’re interested in seeing the rentals in person.  It’s up to the vendor to share their address or pickup location.

It’s meant to be as simple as possible.  Browse the local event rentals for your city, select the dates and add them to your shopping cart.  Once you’ve got what you need just check out, pay online and check your inbox for the confirmation email.

If you ordered multiple items it’s likely you’ve ordered them from different vendors.  Each vendor will contact you to schedule pickup.  If you need delivery you can request a delivery quote during the checkout process.

Not all vendors deliver so if this is important to you, check with the vendor(s) in advance and make the appropriate arrangements for your rentals.

No.  The price listed on the site is the only thing you pay.

For Wedding, Reception or Banquet Rentals: Weddings are usually some of the most significant events in our lives and require the most of everything!  You will likely need larger equipment and furniture rentals including tents, tables, chairs (white wooden folding chairs are popular), linens, mobile bars, glassware, and plate rentals. You should be able to find most of what you need right here!

For Bridal Shower and Baby Shower Rentals: These are smaller more intimate parties where you may go with themed decor, plates, backdrops, mood lighting and special glassware to make it perfect.

For Birthdays, Anniversaries and other Special Events: Depending on how big the event may be you may still be looking for party backdrop rentals, decor, party tables and chairs for rent.  With birthdays kids are usually involved so make sure you grab a party game to keep them entertained!

For Corporate and Business Event Rentals: You may want to consider looking at the more elegant and classic event rentals like black tablecloths, a mobile bar if you’re hosting an evening event and appropriate accessories.

For Photoshoots: Looking for something fun? We’ve got tons of props and decor to complement your design and location!  You’ll find everything from vintage, floral, modern, shabby chic, rustic and many other elegant styles.

This is always an important point when renting in advance for your events.  Each vendor will have their own cancellation policy that is outlined in their profile along with other details about their rentals (delivery options, other locations, rental terms, etc…).  If you can’t find their cancellation policy or other policies then the policy reverts to the standard site policy described here.

You are able to contact any vendor on the site through a “contact” button on their profile, on their item pages or through the Contact Vendor page.

You can use the same page to contact Eventlyst Support with any questions you have.  We do not have answers about the items but we can help with most everything else!

The three main ways you can use Eventlyst is as a:

  • customer looking to find great event items
  • vendor looking to rent out your inventory
  • artists (decorators, photographers, event coordinators) looking to share pictures and stories for inspiration

We’re creating a community of talented individuals with an eye for special items and special moments. Be inspired, inspire others and create joyful memories.