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Planning Sincerely is a one-stop event planning, event rental, and event decor company based in Solano County. We service our clients in the surrounding areas including Alameda, Contra Costa, Yolo, Napa and Sacramento County.  We provide an affordable solution for those looking to add special decor touches to their event without blowing their budget.


  • We do not offer pick-up at this time
  • Feel free to text or call us at any time - (707) 400-0058
  • Follow our IG: @PlanningSincerely
  • We will not be available 10/30/2021 - 11/15/2021
  • Please contact us to check availability before placing an order.

Rental Use:

All items should be returned in the same condition provided: clean, free of debris and in their original containers.

Clients are responsible for any and all damage to items (outside of normal wear), including but not limited to: chipped, cracked or otherwise broken glass, deep scratches, broken pieces, missing items, missing hardware, broken hardware. Clients agree to pay the replacement cost of any item that is broken, lost or stolen.


Delivery Information:

We charge a $1 per mile for delivery – starting from Cordelia, CA.

Please contact us at prior to booking to guarantee dates, times, and to receive an estimate for delivery and pickup.

A designated person must be at the drop-off location to accept delivery of the merchandise, as well as at the pickup location to provide access to the merchandise.

Drivers will unload the rental merchandise within 10’-15’ of the delivery vehicle – all requested delivery locations must have area where drivers can stop and unload the vehicle. There must be a clear pathway for delivery, and additional charges apply for buildings requiring delivery up more than 3 steps.

Delivery fee does not include the setup and placement of items. This must be requested separately so that an estimate may be provided based on time requirements of requested setup. Our general setup/breakdown fee is $30 per person/hour. Minimum 1 hour of setup.

To receive a quote, please e-mail us as with your name, contact information and the following information:

Delivery payment must be made at least 72 hours prior to rental start date. If not paid, the order will not be delivered. We accept Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo, or Zelle.


Refunds/Adjustments/Cancellation Policy:

If client cancels within 48 hours of placing an order, they will be refunded 100% of total order cost.

If client cancels more than 7 days prior to the rental start date, they will be refunded 50% of the total order cost.

There will NO REFUNDS for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the rental start date.


Security Deposit:

A security deposit is required at time of delivery, each item has a listed security deposit charge. We accept Cash and Zelle for the security deposit.

Deposit is fully refundable as long as items are returned in the same condition provided: clean, free of debris and in their original containers. Vases requiring de-waxing from use as candle holders will incur a cleaning fee of $1 per vase that will be taken from the security deposit. Any items that are lost, stolen, or broken will be charged for full price of replacement.

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