Anna Vera Events

Location: Sacramento, CA
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5.00 out of 5
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Hello! I am a lover of parties and gatherings and would love to share my favorite things with you for your event! Feel free to contact me with any questions at

Location for pick up

North Highlands, CA


$10 within first 5 miles and $1 for each additional mile (one way).

Rental period

3-4 days (pick up day, day of event & 2 days for drop off)

*arrangements for early pick up or later drop off can be made 

Refund / cancellation policy

  • 90% of total
  • 50% of total if cancelling within 7 days of the rental start date

Security Deposit 

  • $25 - $75 Security deposit due upon pickup or retrieval of rental item(s).
  • Deposit depends on cost of rental items
  • Full deposit will be given back to customer upon timely return of rental item(s).
  • Accept cash, check, Venmo, PayPal or Cash-app payments


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classic & shabby chic