Acrylic Chargers Plate (Gold, Silver, Red, Blush, Purple)

Product Location: Houston, TX

$1.25 $1.00 / 3 days

  • Charger plates 13″
  • Available colors: blush, red, gold, silver, and purple.
  • Available only in Houston, TX
  • Rental is for 3 days
  • Can be pick up or drop off anytime during that time(delivery charge is extra)


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1115 in stock

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A charger plate is a large, decorative base setting on top of which other dinnerware is placed during formal occasions such as catered events, weddings, upscale parties, banquets, or in fine dining restaurants. Also known as service plates, under plates, or chop plates, charger plates are merely decorative and are not meant to come in direct contact with food. Charger plates provide an elegant way to serve multiple course meals, where each course is served in its own separate bowl or plate, and placed on top of the charger.

Charger plates are available in a variety of colors, materials, lengths/diameters, and shapes for you to choose from to match the decor, mood, and style of your particular event. Chargers are used in multiple course meals as an elegant way to serve salad plates, soup bowls, and main dinner entrees in order to create unique presentations for guests.

Charger plates have many practical purposes, besides the fact that they provide elegance and enhance the table decor in a fine dining establishment. Not only do they anchor the dining table, create ambiance, and are aesthetically pleasing to guests, chargers also protect the table and tablecloth from becoming dirty during service. Charger plates can catch pieces of food, and prevent spills and messes that would otherwise stain the tablecloth or flow onto the table. Chargers also help to retain the heat in dinnerware since they are placed directly underneath plates and bowls.

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